Each qualification, unit of competency or training module offered by Acoustar has a set fee for a training program provided at our Brisbane Training Centre.

It is Acoustar's policy that the fee is all-inclusive for tuition, support and coaching, specified textbooks (PDF versions), and use of our classroom/facilities in Brisbane. Fees and expenses are specified along with any additional requirements.

When there are additional requirements, normally associated with a training program (for example; reference material, research documents, own computer) the Student will be clearly advised of exactly what is required prior to commencement of the program or course.

Training Programs Off-Site

Our standard fees apply plus actual reasonable costs of providing the training program at any location outside of Brisbane. Fees are based on travel costs, accommodation, and staff travel time and calculated on an ‘actual and reasonable’ basis and include GST.

Training Program Fees are published in our Fees Policy

Fees for a single student in a mentored program are:
  • BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety $1480.00 (GST exempt)
  • MSS025008 (AQF Level 5) $1480.00 (GST exempt)
  • MSS025008 (AQF Level 8) $2240.00 (GST exempt)
  • MSS025008 and MSS027008 (AQF Level 8) $3720.00 (GST exempt)

Students are entitled to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Individual Units

Individual Certificate IV units can be studied separately from taking the complete Certificate program.

Continuing Professional Development Courses

Continuing professional development courses are offered based on content from the Certificate IV or MSS units. Please call Acoustar to discuss availability and fees.

Payment of Fees

Full fees are payable at the commencement of training.